Crory & Associates’ trademarked approach, Applied Asset Business Intelligence (AppliedABI™) maximizes the Equipment Asset Management (EAM) System Return On Investment (ROI) by taking a phased approach to implementing the organizations asset groups/types.  The AppliedABI™ approach builds the asset management maintenance strategy (program design) concurrently with: application configuration/database build, integrations/interfaces development, report development, training design/delivery and system go-live.

The tried and true AppliedABI™ approach implements Core EAM System modules: Assets, Inventory (Items), Locations, Service (Work) Requests, Work Orders, Work Flow as well as Dashboards (Start Centers) that put all the important information in front of the user when they first log into the EAM System.   This phased approach allows lessons learned from current system users to be implemented to the benefit of themselves and future users.

Crory & Associates’ AppliedABI™ approach has been honed on the implementation of multiple EAM Systems.   This approach clearly distinguishes the experience and expertise of the Crory & Associates team and clearly focuses on the EAM System ROI.  In our experience the AppliedABI™ approach is a clear Crory & Associates differentiator from other approaches.

Our AppliedABI™ approach is based on experience and expertise of utilizing asset/maintenance management strategies, not project management strategies.   Most of these other strategies plan to implement all asset groups/types simultaneously with a single go-live event.  This type of approach leaves software and hardware unused, limits greatly the ability to implement lessons learned, introduces great change as well as stress to EAM System users, causes system delays, project cost overruns and ultimately loss of ROI.